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The Queen Has Two Heads


Leah originates from the village of Alvechurch to the South of Birmingham, and it is here that she joined her first morris side, took to the stage as an actor and picked up the fiddle as a small child.

Dave and Leah both play in Alvechurch’s favourite folky-acoustic-rootsy-pop ensemble, The Stompies, where they are lucky enough to share the stage with a delightful collection of fellow musicians (this has to be stated loudly and clearly because one of them is none other than Leah’s melodeon playing father!)

It is as a member of The Stompies that Dave first started to arrange fiddle parts for Leah to play, and he quickly found that she could handle every note he scribbled for her, even those that featured in her least favourite keys and others that were barely legible through the scrawl. When putting together The Queen Has Two Heads Leah was his obvious choice for the band’s fiddle player.

In addition to The Queen Has Two Heads and The Stompies, Leah is a frequent cast member in Alvechurch Dramatic Society productions. It’s clear that whether it be musical or theatrical the stage is Leah’s natural habitat!


Phone: +44 (0) 121 318 5670