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The Queen Has Two Heads


Richard Ireson first collaborated with TQH2H founder, Dave Howard on the writing and production of their studio album Curios and Keepsakes. Having completed that intensive two year project he moved from his home town of Wellingborough to Northern Ireland and began to raise pigs. And sheep. This may seem like a pretty extreme reaction to getting that final mix done but pigs are easier to get on with than a lot of musicians.

Rare breeds can be very time consuming, as can maintaining a household self-generated electricity supply and coppicing woodland, but it wasn't too long before Richard was taking on bass duties again. The Coalition Blues Band, Cloud 9, Mirenda Rosenberg and Atticus Finch have all kept him musically busy. He now plays with Tonehound and is producing a collection of his solo instrumental pieces.

Richard makes regular visits to the UK mainland and it was on  one of these in 2019 that he took to the stage with The Queen Has Two Heads. There are moves to make this an annual event. He's a passionate environmentalist and does nice things with crispy rice.


Phone: +44 (0) 121 318 5670