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The Queen Has Two Heads


Chris is too young to be experiencing a mid-life crisis, but that's the only explanation he can give for his recent purchase of a longboard from a 15 year old. "It can only end in tears" he predicts somewhat stoically.

The Queen Has Two Heads has more than its fair share of multi-instrumentalists, and Chris is as self-effacing as the rest. "I play a few instruments", he says.  Bass, guitar and mandolin are where his focus lies at present. His 20 year musical career included a stint with contemporary folk-pop ensemble, Midsummer and alongside The Queen Has Two Heads he also plays bass for Birmingham synth-pop band Mondo Royale "probably as varied a musical life as it's possible to get" he suggests, though perhaps TQH2H guitarist Matt Parkin might have something to say about that!

So, a multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for self-propelled transportation that includes an over-sized skateboard and, more conventionally, his bike; what else can we tell you abut Chris?

Ah yes.
He's a lyricist too.
He says with some pride that "I'm one of the few people who has successfully included the word 'actuary' in a folk song". We'd be tempted to say the only person who has done so. Do get in touch if you know different!


Phone: +44 (0) 121 318 5670