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The Queen Has Two Heads


Johnny first teamed up with Dave Howard to form The Hawkhurst. He was Dave's first call bass player when putting together The Queen Has Two Heads. There are lots of reasons why; the person specification for this band goes way beyond musicality; we take that for granted.

Denied a violin at the age of 12, because the music teacher gave it to “somebody more musical.” Johnny went on to learn P-I-M-A with Ulf Goran on Saturday mornings. Challenged by a five string acoustic guitar with an action so high he was to find the four thick strings of a bass guitar much more tolerable.

Johnny later studied with Rob Burns at the Guitar Institute, which led into a successful and substantial period on the cabaret and club circuit. A summer in the company of Shane Richie and Don Partridge failed to destroy his musical career. Alongside the light-entertainment illuminati Johnny also had the pleasure of playing Nights in White Satin with Justin Hayward.

Having run out of names that he could save and drop in the future he took up a proper job, running pubs. This proved to be much too much like hard work and so he resumed playing music and drinking in them; sometimes simultaneously.

Alongside his role in The Queen Has Two Heads Johnny also forms one half of the middle-aged-angst and political-protest duo, Kitchen Sink Dramas.

Johnny is proud supporter of Bath Rugby.


Phone: +44 (0) 121 318 5670