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The Queen Has Two Heads


Kostas was raised in Greece where he studied accordion and music theory. That's a sentence on which to reflect for a moment.

He moved to London to extend his studies and focus on boxes that require hitting rather than squeezing, which he did with Drumtech. Here workshop based teaching was delivered by the likes of Peter Erskine, Jack DeJohnette and Dave Weckl. He later moved to New York to continue his studies at Drummers Collective.

Kostas' influences range from Greek and oriental ethnic music to Ornette Coleman, the Bill Evans Trio to Steve Reich.

He has performed at Jazz Café, Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Royal Festival Hall, Village Vanguard in New York and many other clubs and festivals across Europe.

Kostas has also attended several courses for puppet construction & performing at The Little Angel Theatre in London and the National Marionette Theatre in Prague. As a puppeteer he has created and performed various productions for film and theatre.

He plays with The Queen Has Two Heads' multi-instrumentalist Mike Seal in the Avant-guard Jazz trio Told Americans and in a free jazz duet with guitarist Christos Chatzispyrou. He has also performed with jazz quartet Blue Soup, Sean Taylor, (both with Mike Seal) The Molly Aida Trio, and The Red Jazz Asymphony Orchestra among others.

Accordion. Drums. Puppets. There's a combination.
There's more:

Kostas was a chef on a submarine for two years.
That's a sentence on which to reflect for a moment.


Phone: +44 (0) 121 318 5670