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The Queen Has Two Heads


Freddie loves playing percussion. "It makes things sound pretty" he says, with only a hint of tongue in his cheek as he strikes another found object with considerable force; "sewage pipes are much meatier than a boring old cowbell, don't you think?".

Freddie Gee has been wielding drumsticks for over 25 years and as a result of devotion, dedication and commitment to his craft he now feels safe in saying that he plays to a fairly acceptable standard.

His flexibility is as renowned as his humility. He spent a while playing drums and percussion with The Stompies during which time he contributed to the folk-pop sound of their debut album, No Stompy On Sunshine. He played for Nicole Perrott-Hughes on the sublime Dave Howard produced album The Girl In The Trees and is particularly fond of the experiments with paintbrush and bodhran on Let It Out, and a whole case of hittable things on I Put My Heart Out, (listen out for The Queen Has Two Heads bandmates Dave and Leah on bass and fiddle respectively).

Meanwhile he's regularly to be found in Midlands pubs and clubs providing the backbeat to countless rock and pop classics with Cream Limousine

Rehearsals with The Queen Has Two Heads are delighful for the rest of the band who are regularly surprised by what Freddie has brought to hit and shake. Like Mary Poppins' magic bag his box of tricks seems to have a limitless supply of toys and no-one will be surprised if one day he reveals a hatstand, with which, of course, he will create that essential percussion based prettiness of which he is so fond.

Freddie's claims to fame? Diana Ross and Simon Bates both once waved at him.

It doesn't get much better than that.


Phone: +44 (0) 121 318 5670