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The Queen Has Two Heads


"The things is", says Dave Howard, the ambitious fool who kickstarted The Queen Has Two Heads, "I seem to be developing a knack for recruiting musicians who play a lot better than I do. This is not good for the ego. Not good at all!" One of those finds is Matt Parkin. 

The band has more than its fair share of Multi-Instrumentalists and Matt is one of them. A West Midlands based musician who can jump between guitar, bass and drums, Matt has worked in the field of music education for over 15 years.

He started playing guitar at the age of 13 and is largely influenced by classic rock, blues and jazz. Inspired by his father's love of music Matt was supported and enthused by his parents to pick up a guitar and like many young guitarists it was by listening to Led Zeppelin,The Beatles, Hendrix, and Pink Floyd that he found his early musical direction.

He is an "absolutely mahhoosive" Miles Davis fan and amongst Matt's huge tattoo collection the observant will find one of the master trumpeter's signature. Matt took the time to visit his grave in new york to pay his respects.

Alongside his role as guitarist with The Queen Has Two Heads Matt is also a bass player in the Midlands based punk/rock band DRAG; a more complete and utter contrast would be difficult to find. DRAG have released two albums, participated in tour supports and taken part in numerous festivals.

Dave sees Matt demonstrate his musical flexibility on an almost daily basis. It was on the off chance that he asked Matt if he might have space in his diary for something new, and for some reason Matt says he couldn't say "no".

Apart from music Matt is also passionate about real ale. He is a great supporter of local good causes and indeed, he devotes as much time as possible to supporting his local pub. As a result of this he also likes, (and maybe needs) to get on his yoga mat whenever the room's not spinning.


Email: info@thequeenhastwoheads.com
Phone: +44 (0) 121 318 5670
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thequeenhastwoheads